The centuries old village of VENABLES - France atop its historical hill.

The purpose of this page is to provide both historical and current information about the Venables family and the small village in Normandie, France where our family name comes from - VENABLES!

Venables is a village and commune of the Eure département in Haute-Normandie, France.

The village dates back some 7,000 years. It is situated at the northern most point of the Madrie Plateau and is located at an altitude of 124 meters above sea level. The soil consists of alluvium, white chalk, clay, and sand. It overlooks the meandering of the Seine River and is built at the crossroads coming from Les Andelys to the north, Gaillon to the east, Louviers to the south, while the western border of the village is protected by the banks of the Seine.

Venables is comprised of the main village and several hamlets within an area of 14.87 km². The main village is located at the top of the hill and centers around the town church. It also contains the village elementary school and La Mairie (town hall). The hamlets include: La Mare (Hamlet of the Lake) located in the valley below the main village; La Rive (Hamlet on the River Bank) located along the banks of the Seine; Lormais which is nestled between the Seine river and the hills; Moulin a Vent (Hamlet of the Windmill) located at the edge of the Madrie Plateau; Val d'Ailly (Hamlet of the Ailly Valley) where only a 16th century manor house and its surrounding farm remain which was a residence of the Charadas families and Mangin (a French naval officer at the turn of the century); and lastly Fontaine-La-Verte (Hamlet of the Green Fountain) which derives its name from the many springs that flow through the flowering ground cover.

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7ème Convention Mondiale des Venables

The 7th Worldwide Venables Convention will take place on July 13-17th, 2016 in Venables, France

There have been 7 Worldwide Venables Conventions to date:

1st - 1986    2nd - 1991

3rd - 1996    4th - 2001

5th - 2006    6th - 2011

7th - 2016   

The next Convention is next week!

for more information on the next Convention and to register to attend,
visit Centre Culturel "Gilbert de Venables"

Le Blason de Venables dating back to the year 1066
Le Blason de Venables
Some famous people named Venables.

Check out the articles about Venables, France in French and English found on Wikipedia.

Also some interesting facts and photos of Venables, France can be found on the IGN (Institut Geographique National) website.

Visit the Gilbert de Venables Cultural Center website!
Gilbert de Venables
Gilbert de VENABLES

16, 17, & 18th September 2005 - The Norman Middlewich Festival - Cheshire, England

I will be going to this event with my cousin Steve Venables and my aunt Karin (Venables) Callahan and my uncle Frank Callahan.

 I have travelled to Middlewich a couple of times before - researching Venables ancestry.

Middlewich is where the historic Kinderton Lodge existed that the ancestors of Gilbert de Venables built back after his settling in Cheshire sometime after the invasion of England with William the Conqueror from Normandie.


Event Information

More Event Information

Here are some photos of my recent visit  this summer (2004) to Venables, France with my sister Catherine Venables:

Venables, France - July 2004



Get the new book about the village of Venables, France:    

"Venables, une paroisse normande sous l'Ancien Régime"

by: Bernard Oger



Sad News: Bernard Oger died on May 27, 2002.

He was the founder of the Association Culturelle et Sportive de Venables (A.C.S.V.), wrote many books on the history of Venables, France, and contributed immensely toward the organization of the first Venables Convention in 1986.

Summary: The reader is plunged into the daily life of the author's Norman ancestors. Oger recalls in an extremely detailed way the trials and tribulations which made their daily lives very difficult: the sinister plots, the wars and the epidemics were the price of living during this time in history in this particularly outstanding Norman area. The high degree of accuracy of the facts in this book can only revive this truly remarkable time period.



4ème Convention Mondiale des Venables

The 935th Anniversary of Gilbert de Venables and the village of Venables was sponsored by the Association Culturel et Sportive de Venables (ACSV) and took place around the around the Bastille Day celebration on July 12, 13, 14, and 15th, 2001 and the event was a huge success!

For more information about and photos

of the event please visit:  2001 Venables Convention Information

Travelling to VENABLES - France.

FRANCE 1991 Venables Convention USA

The 1991 (2nd) Convention de Venables in VENABLES - France.

These are some of the Venables who attended the 2nd Worldwide VENABLES Convention.
This was in front of La Mairie (The Town Hall) with Jean-Marie Drouet, the mayor of VENABLES, at the entrance.

The 3rd Worldwide VENABLES Convention was held this past July 12, 13, and 14th. According to attendee Steve Venables, there were many more Venables this time around and a good time was had by all. There was a costumed party and feast with traditional French music and dancing. In his well-known generosity, Mayor Jean-Marie Drouet hosted a great village and family reunion party and welcomed all back for the next Worldwide VENABLES Convention in 2000.


This is an aerial view of VENABLES - France. The village is on a hill overlooking the Seine River and the Lac de Venables, both seen in the background.

La Mare sous VENABLES

This is an aerial view of La Mare sous VENABLES, one of the hamlets of VENABLES - France. It is located in the valley next to the Seine River below the main village.

Spectacle - Battle Scene

This is a scene from the Spectacle Son et Lumiere at the 1991 Convention des Venables. It was a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066. Spectacle players shown here in the scene include Jacky Lequest, Philippe Demont, Roger Giordano, and Sloan Venables.

More places and events in and around VENABLES - France.

Travelling Tips and Directions to VENABLES - France.

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Visit the Centre Culturel Gilbert de Venables

Domesday Book information about Cheshire County in England and the holdings of Gilbert de Venables.

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Origins of the de la Mare family

La Communauté Virtuelle de l'Eure -

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